7,000 Miles of Service in Recovery

Service in Recovery
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A New Jersey school teacher and recovering alcoholic, Brad Spicer, has run almost 10,000 miles as a way to give freely back what he was given. He wants to give others a chance at recovery and sobriety from alcohol and drug addiction.

An essential component of addiction recovery is service to others because it is from the service others give that many individuals are able to get and stay sober today. In recovery, we continue to give back and receive and give back and receive. By living according to the spiritual principles of recovery, such as living with honesty, integrity, discipline and willingness, service to others becomes a natural component of how we live our lives sober.

Brad Spicer has stood out in his service to others through the creation of Project Run 7000, where he has pledged to run 7,000 miles throughout the year to raise money for addiction awareness and treatment. Describing his motivation, Spicer tells the South Jersey Times that, “I’m doing it not only to help my recovery and use it as therapy for myself, but to help others. A lot of people are struggling with huge problems. I kind of look at it as every I mile I finish, I hope it inspires one person to find the sober life they’ve been seeking.”

And every mile Spicer finishes will help him give to The Herren Project Foundation. This non-profit was established by former NBA basketball player, Chris Herren, to help individuals and families in the grips of addiction. The mission of The Herren Project is “to provide assistance in taking the first steps toward recovery and a life of sobriety, educational programs and resources to increase awareness on the signs of addiction and bring hope for a better tomorrow.”

Often times giving back can help benefit the giver as well as the receiver. In Spicer’s case, running helps his brain release natural “feel good” endorphins which the brain needs after excessive use of drugs and alcohol that depress the brain’s production of these same chemicals.

That is why here at Synergy Group Services, we make exercise an essential part of recovery from alcohol or drugs. We have scheduled time in which we brings clients to the local fitness center, offer on site yoga classes and reinforce exercise with healthy eating tips. We also stress importance of service in recovery – which, as in Spicer’s case, has the benefit of making the person giving service feel just as good as the person receiving.

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