A Time for Thanks

I cannot be overstated. The importance should not be minimized. A day of thanks is surely not enough. But nonetheless this is what we have and it should not pass without giving those we share our lives with at least a simple thanks. Starting with those closest to us we must be thankful for what they give to us everyday by enhancing the quality of our lives. Large or small, the group of special people that we hold closest to us are in reality the bulk of the world we live in. The world gets very small when we count those that we care the most about and vice versa and it is this small sphere which accounts for the most joy and occasionally the most pain in our lives. But joy or pain this is what we call living and with them we simply would be alive but not living.

Beyond those who are closest to us there are those that we touch on a day to day basis and those who touch us. We cannot forget them. The check out girl at Publix, the cashier at Starbucks, the waiter at our favorite restaurant. These are the people who accent our life and the people who make our day with just a little smile. Even, or sometimes especially, if they are a stranger.

Now the trick is to not just be thankful on one day of the year but to find a way to be thankful on a daily basis. It is the concept of not wasting a day. Don’t waste it by letting it get away without doing something to appreciate the world we live in and the people who share it with us. Have dinner with your family. Talk to your kids about school. Laugh.

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