A Letter from our Executive Director

On behalf of Synergy Group Services Inc., let me take this opportunity to introduce our company. We are a family/physician owned and operated addiction treatment center dedicated to focusing on each client as an individual. The foundation of our philosophy is to provide dignified care based on a multi-modality treatment approach utilizing key components of Traditional (12 Step), Holistic and Alternative Therapies to achieve a positive synergistic outcome for our clients. Our programs are based on the blending of professional academic training with the dynamics of family life experiences dealing with the disease of addiction. The family approach for a family problem offers a unique perspective for developing treatment solutions for the addict and the family members affected by this disease. It is because of our journey that we have the passion, desire, knowledge and skill to help other families facing the disease of addiction.

At Synergy Group Services Inc., we not only challenge our clients on a daily basis, but as a treatment program we continuously ask the question, “What can we do to provide the client with the absolute best opportunity to achieve a sober living environment for the long term?” High rates of relapse in treatment programs are just not acceptable. A “ONE and DONE” is the ultimate treatment goal of Synergy Group Services Inc.

If you are viewing our company and are in need of help do not hesitate to contact us. We are extremely proud of our programs, staff and facilities. We take very seriously the responsibility of treating clients entrusted to our care.


Barry S. Wolpert
Executive Director
Synergy Group Services Inc.

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