The Synergy Difference


Small Center, High Staff to Client Ratio

Our center is widely renowned in the field of addiction treatment for achieving excellent outcomes with those who come to us to receive treatment for a substance addiction. Our process is also particularly effective at helping those who are also exhibiting a co-occurring (or dual) diagnosis like anxiety, depression, or trauma (including PTSD).

One of the reasons that we have earned this reputation is that our intimate facility accommodates a maximum of five clients, and our high staff to client ratio allows us to closely monitor how each individual is responding to the various components of their treatment regimen, and adjust accordingly.


A thorough assessment is part of the intake process.

Holistic, Comprehensive Treatment

Our intake assessment is exhaustive because it is critical to get a thorough understanding of not only our client’s history of drug use (and treatment), but also their medical, family, and social history. This allows us to provide the best combination of counseling modalities and treatment activities to address the entire person – including their mind, body, and spirit.

In the case of a client exhibiting a co-occurring disorder (such as trauma, anxiety, or depression) in addition to the addiction, we will integrate treatment of this second diagnosis into their regimen and also provide psychiatric and medical evaluation as well as provide nursing services 24 hours a day.

Wide Spectrum of Therapeutic Processes Employed

Another benefit of treating a small population is that we are able to be very flexible in designing each individual’s treatment regimen, and we integrate an extremely wide range of evidence based treatment processes into our program. We respect every client’s background and the unique way they may respond to the various treatment modalities employed.

The recovery process should be in alignment with the recovering person’s background and beliefs. That is why we offer ‘Non 12-Step Treatment’ (for those whom the Alcoholics Anonymous program does not resonate).

All of the costs for the therapeutic processes we will recommend are included as part of the treatment program that we will create for you or your loved one. Our facility is contracted with most of the major health insurance providers as well, you can call us to check your benefits or fill out this form.

Contact us For More Information

Our intake counselors are available to answer any questions you may have about the process of receiving treatment at Synergy Group Services. We will provide a confidential and complimentary assessment of your (or your loved one’s) drug use and verify your insurance benefits to provide a recommendation on how to best proceed in getting help with a chemical dependency. Contact us today at 888-267-8070

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