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Synergy provided me the love, caring and tools to change my life.  I came to Synergy deeply depressed, overweight and using alcohol to suppress my feelings.  I was a broken man wanting to die.  At Synergy I found a place that understood what I was going through and gave me the support and guidance that I needed to change my life.

My recovery started at Synergy with intense therapy, exercise, acupuncture and my favorite, a full body message.  After 2 months, I am sober, have lost 25 pounds and learned an enormous amount of coping skills that help me overcome past and present issues that could negatively affect my life.

The total mind and body therapy approach and personalized services that Synergy offers is far superior to the standard 12 step programs.  The small groups and family atmosphere promote a feeling of individual attention and a level of caring not found in larger institutions.

The flexibility and customization provided by Synergy worked wonders for me and I would recommend Synergy to anyone that wants help in dealing with the myriad of life issues that affect us daily.
– Gary D.

Everybody at Synergy works so hard to pull everything together and genuinely cares about everybody in the program.
– Craig W.

Words cannot describe the amazing, life changing experience I had at Synergy. I feel whole, like a whole person again. The variety of all the different groups allowed me to approach all my issues, and has given me a strong foundation. I now consider the staff part of my family. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to heal.
-Cathy C.

Synergy Group Services, through their staff’s own experience and strength, gave me a foundation on which I can build the rest of my life. I am no longer living with the pain, misery and suffering that my disease caused me. The day I walked into Synergy, my life began to turn around and started taking on a meaning and contentment I never thought possible. It only has been getting better every day.
– Adam S.

My daughter Kim has just returned from Synergy after 30 days plus detox. Her mother and I were so happy to see her. She has changed for the better and it was obvious. On the day of her arrival home we attended an AA and Al-Anon meeting together. Kim has come to face life as it is and is OK with it. The lessons learned at Synergy and the “tools” that she left with enable her to live a sober life are valuable assets. My sincere thanks and complements for an outstanding job and a wonderful program. Thank you for returning my beautiful daughter Kim to us. The investment that made the treatment possible for Kim was the best decision of my life.
– Steven W.

When I got to Synergy, what I realized very quickly was that I had arrived in a safe place to heal and begin building the foundation for my life in recovery. For the first time in years I formed friendships, opened my heart, got completely honest and felt incredible by the overwhelming love, support, guidance and knowledge I received in return from the staff at Synergy. I came to understand that I was not alone and will never feel that way again.
– Paige l.

When I went to Synergy, I did not want to get sober. I was very obnoxious, but regardless of my attitude, they still loved me and managed to help me stay there despite myself. I’ve never been to a treatment center like Synergy; being around a staff that really cared really made a difference in my journey – it helped me begin the journey of recovery.
– Sandra B.

I recently celebrated my “first birthday.” I have never been happier or more proud. I had been to treatment several times prior to Synergy – always with the same results – RELAPSE!”
“My therapist worked closer with me than anyone ever had before. I was able to talk about my issues and always felt safe at Synergy, and I never once felt judged. I loved the Message Therapy acupuncture, healing sound and arts. I gained insight at Synergy that I didn’t think I would have been able to gain in any other treatment center.

I look back at the many milestones in my recovery: I am starting to trust people, starting to like myself, and really coming to know my higher power. Synergy made me a person; Synergy gave me my life back.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have a second chance for my life. There are no words to describe Synergy’s treatment center! It is truly a wonderful place. You are to be congratulated for putting together a fantastic program and your staff is amazing.
– Gina L.

You helped save my life. I had been through a lot of treatment centers, but finally found the trust and support needed to recover.
– Ann Margarette K.

As a family we didn’t know where to turn. The Synergy family understood our situation and gave us the support we needed. Now we are a family again.
– Jonathan B.

As a professional, I want to make sure my clients get the help they need and I get the progress reports that I need. Synergy provided timely, professional and insightful communication. I would highly recommend them to other professionals.

Steve R.

When I first came here I wanted to run.  I was scared.  The fear of being lonely overwhelmed me. But as the days went by, struggling with my inner self made me into a much stronger person.  At first, I would latch on to anyone that would accept my company.  I was terribly co-dependent on my ex-boyfriend and my addiction to heroine.

I didn’t believe that anyone or anything would help me.  But with the help of Synergy, today I am happy to be alive.  I am confident, smiling, relaxed and full of excitement.  Today I start my new journey of living my sober and independent life.  Thank you for everything Synergy

– Elle

We hope that these testimonials have resonated with you and encourage you to contact us for addiction treatment in Florida for yourself or a loved one at our caring and private holistic rehab.



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