Synergy Group Services Free Assessments

What is the value of an assessment and why does Synergy Group Services feels this is essential? An assessment is a tool used by a skilled professional to learn and gather information to establish the individual’s clinical issues and needs.

The assessment conducted by Synergy Group Services is essential because it allows the skilled professional to determine what level of care and treatment the individual will require for best results. The assessment reveals the type of addiction, the history of the addiction, and whether or not there is a dual diagnosis or co-occurring mental health diagnosis. Any special treatment accommodations that need to be made will also be revealed during this initial assessment. The assessment is performed by medical professionals, and is completely confidential.

Synergy Group Services offers free assessments both in person and over the phone. We perform all of our assessments with the utmost concern for client confidentiality.

To schedule your free assessment call:  1-800-267-8070 or (561)-694-1511 (Local)



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