Addiction, is Addiction, is Addiction.

It is not the “what”, it is the “why”. Pick your poison–Alcohol, opiates, cocaine, Meth, inhalants, gambling, or sex. It doesn’t matter. It is the “why” that matters. Understanding the triggers to your addiction and understanding the dual diagnosis driving toward your addiction that is what really matters. the agent that you are addicted to is meaningless.

You can go to AA or NA or GA and the process is the same. the key to any addiction recovery program is to help the addict understand the “why”. The groups listed above only allow you to feel comfortable in a group that shares your “drug” of choice but they don’t offer unique insights to unique characteristics shared by alcoholics or drug addicts or gambling addicts. It is the process of recovery that matters rather than where you started. And it is therefore the end result that matters–recovery and sobriety. Sobriety is not unique to drug addicts or alcoholics. Sobriety can apply to sex addicts and gambling addicts. sobriety means getting away from your addiction of choice and getting clean.

In reality it may be best to blend people with different “drugs” of choice is a common program. It has been my opinion in the past that the best treatment programs mirror real life and don’t isolate addicts in an unreal world. It may better help every addict in their recovery process to see addiction from various angles and points of view. When looking for a treatment program don’t isolate yourself with people with like addictions. It is not the addiction that matters, in terms of the drug or agent, it is the disease that matters and what it is going to take to recover. Every addict faces the same hurdles and obstacles. Look at the quality of the program and it’s therapists, that’s what really matters.

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