Addiction Recovery: Light Follows Darkness

Few things in life are certain. There is however one thing that we can all count on; that no matter what point we are at in our lives, it will certainly change. Life is never stagnant. Life is always changing. That is the good new for an addicts. It is in fact, a point of solace. Because while in the depths of your disease, in the darkest period of life, you can count on the fact that your addiction darkness will always be follow by light.

Recently I was taking a flight from Chicago. I had been working very late the night before and had tried my best to change my 5:30 AM departure time in a desperate hope of getting a couple hours of sleep before working late again at my arrival city. Without successfully changing my flight I boarded the aircraft exhausted, cold, and aggravated. I swore repeatedly that as important as my travel income was to the support of my family I simply needed to stop traveling. Shortly after take off I was staring out the window feeling badly for myself when this spectacular sunrise erupted in the distance. Amazing colors of brilliant intensity like I had never seen before painted the early morning sky. As the scene matured my mood completely changed. Gone within minutes was my frustration and even my fatigue. Suddenly I was so glad that I was on that flight.

Addiction recovery can look very similar to the scene I just described. Tired, frustrated, and often hopeless every addict is in a dark and dreary time in their life. But coming out of that darkness can be life changing and the addict can evolve into a new person that may have never been found if not for the darkness.

Never be satisfied with where you are and never be afraid of where you can go. Change is good. Darkness can be followed by light.

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