Addiction Recovery: Trust Me

Insight and honesty. These are qualities that we have often talked about on these pages. Qualities that are often lacking in the personal armentarium of an addict. More specifically lacking in the fabric of those who have a dual diagnosis at the root of their addiction. Bipolar patients in particular are well known for their inability to guide the course of their lives using honesty and insight as their beacons to foster reasonable behavior and foster quality interpersonal relationships.

In both those who have a co-morbidity or dual diagnosis and those who do not, in addition to the challenges they face in overcoming deficiencies in insight and honesty, all addicts must develop a sense of trust in order to overcome their addiction. for a myriad of reasons addicts and alcoholic have been unable to stop the momentum of their disease and change the path of their lives to enter a world of recovery and sobriety. Even those most highly motivated to change have difficulty succeeding. Therefore in order to change the dynamic and head sown a different path they must develop a sense of trust in those who are qualified to help them.

One of the biggest challenges that addicts face in putting their trust in someone who can make decisions for them that they can stand behind. Learning to rework your decision tree is extremely difficult and so during that process you must, as an addict, put your trust in someone who can make good decisions for you Trust in your family, therapist, and physician will help put your recovery on the right path.

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