Addiction Services: Sooner or Later

A wise man many years ago stated “don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.” One might interpret the meaning of this statement, especially in the world of addiction treatment, as to don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today because tomorrow might not come. Every month throughout the country people addicted to a variety of chemical substances and alcohol are dying by the thousands. Many of these tragedies could have been avoided if these people where receiving appropriate help and treatment for their alcohol and chemical addictions.

I can tell you from personal observation for many years that most people suffering from addictions of all kinds routinely are in denial about their need for treatment or if left up to their own decision making delay when they will start treatment for their addiction. Sadly for thousands of people with drug and alcohol addictions, tomorrow never came!

For those that have a loved one suffering from the disease of addiction a
sense of urgency must be implemented to accelerate the process and transition
of their loved one into treatment. Keep in mind ,sadly, we might not have the opportunity to accomplish this goal. All to often we hear the heartbreaking stories of families that were waiting for their loved ones to enter rehab and treatment and tomorrow never came because of overdose and death!

Families and loved ones do have options when dealing with these issues.
It is very apparent that in the treatment of addiction sooner is unquestionably better than later. The longer addictive behavior exists than more problems both mentally, medically and legally can exist. Families can stand strong together and insist upon treatment for a loved one. If this cannot be accomplished there are a number of wonderful, dedicated and experienced interventionists around the country. People skilled in preparing the stage for a love one suffering from addiction to enter into treatment. There are a number of terrific support groups ie.Nar-a-non that lend a helping hand with advice and support.

There are a number of great rehabs and treatment programs that can provide invaluable information and direction based on the needs of the individual. They have extensive networks of professionals and organizations that can help.

Regardless of how we, as family members, get our loved ones into rehab and treatment remember it is better to do it today, because there may not be a tomorrow.

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