Addiction Stories: Sarah

My Name is Sarah I am 21 years old. I come from an upper middle class background of Jewish descent.

I went to a small private school in Boston for my freshman year of college where I was introduced to the party lifestyle. At first it was fun, then my grades started dropping and my life became unmanageable. This forced me to have to transfer schools and move back with my family in Texas.

While in Texas, I realized that partying too much was not my only problem, but that I could not stop drinking alcohol once I started. I basically used alcohol for my answer to everything. Alcohol became my escape for life. Two years and a lot of alcohol later, I finally gave in to my parents’ wishes and attended rehab. After some time, fast forward two treatment centers and several months clean from alcohol, I relapsed. When I relapsed I was not only drinking stronger alcohol and much more frequently but I was also introduced to using heroine which I liked a lot. Needless to say my heroine use and my drinking escalated extremely quickly. My life went down hill from there. I managed to attend four treatment centers wasting a lot of my parents’ money and having reservations to use the whole time there. My life became so unbearable that I just wanted to change, I didn’t care what I had to do, I needed to change my life or I knew I would end up dead or in prison.

Finally, I decided to choose life. I wanted to live life on life’s terms and I was determined to change no matter what I had to do. In 2008 my life started turning around and I completed another treatment center only this time I didn’t just go through the motions, I actually heard what needed to hear and addressed my character defects. I have also had the opportunity to implement what I heard and learned while attending Synergy Group Services. This last treatment center which I finally took seriously was the only one that worked. Until I came to Synergy I realized why I never was willing to hear what the other treatment centers were telling me simply that I had to change.

I have attended Synergy Group Services now for a month and I can honestly say this was the most crucial month of my life, this was the turning point where I either was going to be one of the success stories or just another statistic that relapsed. My mind was open and I was ready to hear what I needed to hear. Synergy has given me the confidence and the tools to believe in myself and exercise my potential to the fullest. I’ve realized that now I can not only be successful at completing what I started but have the courage to know I can lead a normal healthy lifestyle while remaining sober. The Synergy staff is extremely compassionate and dedicated which is exactly what I needed to be able to get over that last hump of believing in myself. My time at Synergy has been extremely beneficial towards my development into being independent and making right choices.

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