Addiction Therapy: A Personal Story

My gambling addiction began one afternoon last spring in 2008. Having time between appointments, I slipped into a casino to pass the time with less than $20.00 in my wallet.
I made a $ 2.00 bet; hit 4 corners, and won over $10,000.00. I couldn’t imagine how I would spend that extra cash; but soon found that it was gone; mostly back to the casino.

Suffering from economic difficulties due to a slump in the Florida Construction Business, I was determined to return time and again to “fix” our financial problems and to escape the woes of whatever else was bothering me. I figured my luck was “up” and continued to visit the casino expecting to win even more.

I continue through December to chase my losses to pay off old and new debts and to escape the worries that awaited me at home but to no avail…and then some!!

I arrived at Synergy Group Services, Inc, on February 5th of 2009. To my relief they identified my Gambling as “Escape Gambling”, assured me it was treatable and treated my Bipolar disorder with medication and therapy as well. Today I am feeling better than I have in years.

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