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Synergy Group Services was featured on A&E’s INTERVENTION™ in the episode “Kimberly.” The docuseries follows people struggling with addiction through to their intervention and admission into addiction treatment centers. Kimberly suffered from alcoholism and sought treatment at Synergy Group Services.

Last week A&E announced that INTERVENTION™is ending after the completion of Season 13. David McKillop, Executive Vice President of Programming for A&E stated, “As INTERVENTION™ comes to an end, we’re proud to have paved the way for such an original and groundbreaking series.” When it first aired in 2005, the show was indeed groundbreaking and became very popular – earning two Emmy Awards for the category Outstanding Reality Series.

Since 2005 there have been 243 on air interventions and of those 243, 156 are still sober today. With the average relapse rate between 40% and 60% according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the high percentage (64%) that are still sober after INTERVENTION™ is notable.

Those intervened upon in the show are from all walks of life – from professionals needing addiction treatment to young adults. The show also covers a range of addictions from alcoholism and addiction to prescription drugs to sex, food and gambling addiction. The last season of INTERVENTION™ starts in June and it is reported to feature the most “intense” cases of addiction yet.

If you are interested in seeing the INTERVENTION™ episode that featured Synergy Group Services addiction treatment center in Florida, click here.

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