Alcoholism: A Personal Story

I have been put through a lot by this disease of addiction. It has eaten away at my body, my relationships and my finances. Now in my 10th day of treatment I am regaining hope for the future and learning to take care of my self. I wish I had arrived at this point earlier, but am grateful to have the opportunity, none the less to strive to reach my goals, start my life over, and live a life of recovery.

I know that what I have ahead of me is not going to be “easy” that’s why I am finally giving up my old ways of thinking and listening to my counselors and advisors for help and input. Addiction is not a way to live; rather a way to die; I am thankful to be alive and pray for those who don’t have the opportunity to get to a place of surrender and blessings of rehabilitation. I get the chance to change everything and live how I’ve always wanted to “live”.

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