An Addict’s Story–In his own words

I am 23 years old and today I am sober and clean. Thank God. Today I feel peace and serenity witch I found in a place called “Synergy”. Witch is a beautiful place where you get amazing treatment and freedom. We get acupuncture to help detoxification. Also a great staff witch has helped me tremendously. We go to the gym to get physically in better health, also we get massage therapy so we get mentally and physically stronger everyday. It is truly a blessing and a wonderful place to be. The small groups is what helped me the most. I am so blessed and gratefull today that I got to come to this beautiful facility. Before I came to Synergy I was a mess beyound help. I had wreacked a truck, lascerated my liver, and had two DUI’s and continued to drink. That’s how sick I am from this disese. A week before I came hear I was in the hospital. I was throwing up blood from drinking 1.75 litters of vodka a day. I saw death looking over me wanting to take me away from the world. Then I got to Synergy and I have seen the light. Have you or anyone you know ever experienced this?

Anonymous Alcoholic

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