An Alcoholic’s Story–In his own words

I wound up at Synergy in West Palm Beach after basically giving up on almost all aspects of life. Job, wife, kids, and even the family dog; all given away. Now this didn’t develop in a matter of days or weeks. It developed over years of bad choices and decisions. I am an alcoholic, and have admitted it for some time, but I never really took action to treat my disease. Oh sure I went to AA, got a sponsor, and worked some of the steps. I even went to a treatment center in august of 2007. But it wasn’t until I gave away all the things in life that we cherish the most that it was clear I had to get sober for myself. If I don’t get better first nothing else will follow. This I am convinced. I need to get physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually better so that I can reclaim my life that was at one time wonderful. I want to be a contributing member of society but nobody, and I mean nobody, wants a drunk for a father, husband, co-worker, or friend. It’s not that these people don’t care, but you have to want it and put effort in your recovery if you are going to get your life back and have it better than before.

I came down to Synergy not knowing what to expect and what I found was a great surprise and most importantly a huge relief. There was no pressure. Almost everything is taken care of for you and the staff here is top notch! As a person who likes being in control of all aspects of my life and is sometimes a “control freak” it was hard to let someone else “drive” for a while. At Synergy this was easy to do and for once I was able to really concentrate on myself and get ME better because if I don’t heal and get well no one in my life will. I’ve been told over and over you only have to give up 1 thing to get everything, and I believe it. I was also told at synergy to let go of those things I want back in life for now. They’ll come back if I do the work and get honest with myself. It’s not always easy on both sides of the therapy sessions, individual and group, but that’s a sign of progress.

Every day that I’ve been here my life has gotten a little bit better. Day by day, one day at a time, for all we have is today.

Now the question for me is “what to do next to progress in my recovery…”
I am sure Synergy will provide the guidance and support that is needed.


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