Another Detox Disaster

It happened again to day. I saw another young woman who was recently discharged from a detox program in Miami who was a complete mess. Having spent 10 worthless days in a program where she did not know what they did for her she was clearly worse off than if she had never gone in the first place. More and more I am completely convinced that detox programs are not only a waste of time but a huge waste of money. Detox programs are like ambulance chasing attorneys that make you believe that they are there to help the helpless but in reality are really only in for their own gain. detox programs are a disaster more often than not and with that in mind I have just one word of advise, “Skip the trip to Detox!!”

There is absolutely no reason to ever go to detox. I don’t care what you substance of choice is, you can do better as an outpatient. You will receive better care, more attention, less pain, less withdrawal, and better long term results for significantly less money if you do your detox under the guidance of a certified and well qualified physician. With the advent of such medications as Suboxone patients will achieve excellent results and be able to enter their treatment program sooner and in a better frame of mind.

Do yourself a favor and avoid deotx disasters. Detox as an outpatient.

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