Anxiety; It’s One of the Biggest Obstacles

It is anxiety that most often gets in the way of recovery. Anxiety is one of the biggest obstacles that every addict faces before, during, and after treatment. It anxiety is not dealt with head on and thoroughly the recovery will not be possible.

Prior to entering treatment every addict experiences anxiety about coming clean. Clean with regards to being honest about their drug use and clean with regards to becoming drug free. The process of withdrawal or detox can be extremely anxiety producing and anxiety as those withdrawal symptoms kick in will drive an addict to take their next drug rather than having the ability to “tough it out”. Clearly the anxiety about confronting your demons and agreeing to enter treatment is another obstacle.

Once in treatment there is the anxiety associated with treatment itself. The discomfort one feels by entering a program with strangers, not know what to expect during the treatment program and working with the therapists themselves. Good therapy makes everyone uncomfortable and that is perhaps more true for an an addict. You must have a desire to get uncomfortable in order for treatment to have any chance and truthfully many addicts just don’t have the insight to do it. If they can conquer their fears and their anxiety enough to allow themselves to get honest then they have a better chance.

Lastly, there is the anxiety associated with discharge. staying clean and sober during treatment is the easy part. It is after discharge when the work really begins and the going gets tough. Moving back into the real world where your triggers live is when you will really know if recovery is a possibility. Imagine the stress. Imagine the anxiety.

Choosing a program that understands the importance of dual diagnosis and treatment of anxiety with both counseling and medication if necessary will make all of this an easier process and increase your chances for recovery.

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