Your Bad-Day Plan

bad day planIt’s pretty safe to say that a bad day when you’re sober is better than a good one while in active addiction. Yet, unfortunately, this isn’t always enough to help you endure those truly horrible days that are inevitable during recovery. There are a few fairly simple steps you can take, however, to help you muddle through. First and foremost: Remind yourself that things can always be worse and that there are sunnier days ahead!

A few more tips to consider:

  • Take a deep breath. Conscious breathing – or inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly – can help calm you down and focus.
  • Write it down. Putting problems down on paper can be mentally freeing. This simple exercise will help you pinpoint what exactly made your day so awful – whether a spat with a spouse or stressful therapy session, for example – so you can move past it.
  • Walk out your frustrations. Clear your head and get those endorphins working by taking a brisk walk or long hike. Just being in nature can do wonders for putting things in perspective.
  • Go on a cleaning spree. Some experts say that having outer order is a great way to find inner peace.
  • Find a positive distraction. It’s okay to try to forget about your day – as long as you do it in a healthful way. Some ideas: read a book, watch a movie, meet a good friend, pop in a yoga DVD.
  • Lean on others. Sometimes you just need a friend, loved one or sponsor to help talk you down from a bad day.

Mental Health Help at Synergy
Having co-occurring psychiatric disorders can make it that much harder to beat those bad days. Our dual diagnosis treatment gives clients the tools needed to sustain a healthy mind, body, and spirit during recovery and beyond. To learn more, call today: 888-267-8070.



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