Coping With Negativity

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Negative people in recovery can take a lot out of us. If a newly sober person spends too much time around negative people, it can be hazardous to his sobriety.

There are many characteristics of negative people, one of them is to constantly criticize other people as well as the world. They can be passive aggressive or openly aggressive. Sometimes negative people are also angry and blame others. They are distrustful, pessimistic, and create drama for no reason. They enjoy pulling apart the achievements of others and resent other peoples successes. Many negative people are also self-centered.

Negativity can increase the chances of relapse. If a person in recovery has a negative outlook on life, it will lead to “stinking thinking.” This is a dangerous mindset because it may prevent him from welcoming new information. It can also lead to a negative self fulfilling prophecy. When he predicts bad things will happen, it may actually lead to it coming true. Negativity sucks the joy out of sobriety, and he may become a dry drunk. This is when a person no longer drinks, but still acts like an alcoholic or addict. The same bad behaviors are still present.

It’s important to move away from negativity within yourself, but it’s equally important to move away from negative people in your life. Spending too much time with a negative person is draining. Negativity can also spread like a cancer, it’s particularly dangerous for a person in early sobriety because you are more vulnerable. Negative people can be overly critical, and they can lower the self-esteem of those around them. Many people in early recovery are already dealing with low self-esteem, so further criticism can be dangerous. Negative people are not capable of offering support, so they cannot be trusted with your recovery.

If you have to be around a negative person, don’t join them in their critical opinions of people or the world. Try to keep the conversation light, if they begin making negative comments, try to change the subject. Try making positive statements, this may impact your conversation for the better. Sometimes not listening to negativity can save you from being pulled down. Think about the saying, “in one ear, out the other.” Or let it roll off you “like water off a ducks back.” Don’t let negativity poison you, shield yourself from it.

Negative people are not bad people, they are just dealing with their own demons. They may have suffered from trauma, or depression. If you need to disengage from a negative person, it’s best to do so with compassion.

Entering our holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is a great place to learn new coping strategies for dealing with life. There will always be negativity in life, and learning how to effectively deal with hard issues is what we teach here at our Florida based drug rehab facility. When you learn new coping strategies, protecting your sobriety is much easier.

Al-Anon for Young Adults & Teens

Synergy Group Services Florida rehab for young adults encourages Alanon and Alateen participation. Many of our young adult clients come from social circles and families who have members in active addiction. This can impact their personal recovery – making Alanon and Alateen participation an essential tool for lasting sobriety.

Alateen is a part of Al-Anon created for young people. They hold meetings to share experiences of how a problem drinker has affected their lives. It’s incredibly difficult when a family member or loved one in a person’s life is an alcoholic. It affects how young people see the world and how they are treated. Teens can find support and empathy from people their own age who are facing similar challenges.

Al-Anon was formed in 1951 by Anne B. and Lois W., wife of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) co-founder, Bill W. They started this organization when they realized families members of alcoholics needed help too. Alateen formed in 1957. Alcoholism is a family disease, and the alcoholic as well as his or her family needs support too. The family or loved ones need a place to feel safe, free from judgement, and learn from others’ experiences.

Alateen Logo

Alateen meetings are sponsored by Al-Anon members who help keep the group focused. Alateens share their experiences, strength, and hope with each other. They learn practical ways to deal with problems, and discuss challenges. They learn how to use the Twelve Steps and Alateen’s Twelve Traditions. Members encourage each other and are offered a safe place to share their lives.

In Alateen meetings, everyone has been affected by someone’s drinking. They learn that they are not the cause of anyone’s drinking or behavior. They are allowed to emotionally detach themselves from a drinker’s turmoil, but still love the person. They learn they cannot control or change anyone but themselves. They can still have a rewarding life whether the alcoholic in their lives continues to drink, or not. They learn that no matter what happens at home, they have spiritual and intellectual resources they can develop individually.

Alateens attend weekly meetings usually held in a church, school room, or any other place that can hold meetings. It’s not a religious program, it’s a spiritual one. Each individual chooses a higher power of their understanding. Alateen is a life-changing organization that helps young people successfully deal with difficult challenges.

Alateen is a place for young people to go to deal with other people’s addictions affecting their lives, but unfortunately, sometimes young adults may turn to drugs or alcohol themselves as a way to cope with hardships. Here at our Florida drug rehab center, we have a specialized addiction program for young adults that can help begin the recovery process.

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