Flakka: A Dangerous Synthetic Drug


Doctors and police are warning the public about a dangerous synthetic drug called Flakka, which is gaining popularity on the streets of South Florida.

Flakka is a synthetic street drug mixed with bath salts that causes hallucinations, anxiety, psychosis, and paranoia.

A 50-year-old man named James West, high on Flakka, was caught on surveillance camera kicking the glass doors of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in. Police said West was hallucinating and thought 25 cars were chasing him down Broward Boulevard.

Dr. Nabil El Sanadi said, “we are actually seeing a lot more patients coming in hallucinating. Very fast heart rate, high body temperature, with almost super human strength.”

Dr. Sanadi said the drug can be snorted, smoked, or ingested for a cheap high that results in a “bad reaction.”

“The brain tells them that there’s something going on when there may be nothing going on,” explains Dr. Sanadi.

Other side effects from Flakka are permanent effects on the brain or heart leading to a heart attack or stroke. It can also lead to kidney failure, and a potential lifetime need for dialysis.

Emergency room doctors say many victims do not even know what’s actually in the drug they’re taking.

Flakka, also knows as “gravel” can be mixed with methamphetamine, other drugs, and is a bath salt synthetic stimulant that can be purchased online, and resold by drug dealers.

According to the United Way of Broward County’s Commission of Substance Abuse, around 126 people died from using Flakka in Florida in 2013.

There are many dangers involved in taking synthetic drugs. You can lose your freedom, family, and life. If you are suffering from addiction, our Florida based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center offers help.

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Drunk Man Slaps NYPD Horse

NYPD horse

An intoxicated man named Victor Flores, allegedly slapped an NYPD horse on the rear in Times Square at West 47th and Seventh Avenue around 9:30 pm. The horse was spooked, and almosted tossed the officer riding on him.

Authorities say the horse could have tossed Officer Jabez Kong off his back and into oncoming traffic or into the crowded street.

Flores was charged with disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, and drug possession after police found a bag of cocaine on him.

Flores told cops, “I don’t get it, tourists pet the horses all the time. I don’t get why I am in trouble for this. I was just saying hello.”

He also said, “I’m really sorry officer. I was drunk. I didn’t hurt the horse. I was petting him.”

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and causes us to make rash decisions. Common sense eludes us when we are under the influence.

Drinking alcohol and making poor choices can have many consequences. We can encounter legal problems, as well as relationship consequences. One poor decision can cost us our freedom, and even our lives.

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You can take charge of your life and free yourself from the bonds of addiction. Maintaining long-term sobriety is achievable through a rehab like ours.

Ecstasy-Laced Candy

Ecstasy Candy via Eugene Police

In downtown Eugene, police warn of new ecstasy candy, or methylenedioxy-methamphetamine.

Two men, Bradley Lynn Cozby, and James Richard Cossai had the drugged infused candy in their possession. They were charged with possession of around three pounds of ecstasy candy.

Police officer Richard Bremer said the candies were individually wrapped and packaged in groups of four. Officer Bremer said, “it was evident that it was packaged for sale.” Police seized around 140 pieces of drugged candy.

“We’ve (previously) seen candy that’s laced with THC, with synthetic marijuana, and made into lollipops. But when we later tested these items, it was determined it was ecstasy.”

Police warn that “these items can appear to be a normal piece of hard candy that someone would make in their home.” He said there were no evident signs or smell that the laced candy contained drugs.

Since the ecstasy candy is rare, police warn that children or other people could unknowingly come into contact with it. It’s also dangerous to users who choose to ingest the laced candy because there is an unknown concentration of ecstasy in it.

Ecstasy, or MDMA is a synthetic drug that produces hallucionogenic and stimulant effects, and can be found all over the world. It brings users a feeling of extreme euphoria, and reduces inhibitions.

The short-term effects of ecstasy include panic attacks, high blood pressure, blurred vision, muscle cramping, and confusion. It can disrupt the body’s temperature signals to the brain causing dehydration and hypothermia. It can also lead to increased sexual feelings and poor decision making.

Lowered inhibitions can lead to unsafe sex, multiple sexual partners, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy, and the spread of HIV.

There have been reports of people dying from strokes and seizures, as well as kidney failure from taking ecstasy.

The long-term side effects include anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep disorders, and addiction. Long-term usage damages nerves that produce serotonin, and could cause permanent brain damage, especially to adolescents those brains are still developing.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, help is available here at our Florida based rehabilitation center. We offer a variety of specialized addiction treatment programs that will lead you to a life of long-term sobriety.

Florida Pill Mill Doctor Incarcerated

Photo Credit

Dr. Thomas Rodenberg, a South Florida doctor was sentenced to 18 years incarceration for his part in a pill mill scheme in 2012.

Rodenberg was convicted of racketeering, trafficking oxycodone, conspiracy to traffic oxycodone, delivery of oxycodone, alprazolam, methadone, and hydrocodone. Rodenberg was arrested along with 10 other individuals in the Pompano Beach Medical facility.

“I thank the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Broward Sheriff’s Office for their outstanding collaboration in helping bring this dangerous drug dealer to justice” said Attorney General Pam Bondi. She also stated prescription pill deaths are in decline because of law enforcement collaboration.

Although this was a clear victory for law enforcement, some think making prescription drugs harder to obtain will cause addicts to switch to heroin on the streets.

Florida has successfully closed many pill mills in the state, but the unfortunate consequence is drug dealers selling more black tar or Colombian brown heroin. Senior vice president of the drug treatment nonprofit WestCare Foundation said, “the new drug of choice is heroin because the market changed.”

Here at our Florida based drug treatment center, we have successfully treated many patients suffering from prescription drug addiction. Our knowledgeable staff will guide and educate you into a new life, free from addiction.

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