Four Kids Jump From Drunk Mom’s Car


Angela R Woodworth, a 45-year-old mother in Gainesville, Florida was charged with drug possession and felony child neglect after four children said they jumped out of her car because she was drunk.

Woodworth was arrested and charged with four felony counts of child neglect, resisting an officer without violence, marijuana possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said four 11-year-old children, Woodworth’s son and three of his friends ran into a Steak N’Shake saying they jumped from her car because she was drunk.

A witness named Kenisha Drayton said, “it was like a little girl screaming for help. We really didn’t see what was going on, but all we heard was someone screaming.”

Josh Kramer was eating inside the Steak N’Shake when the children ran inside. He said, “one of the boys told me his mom, they just came from Ruby Tuesday, and his mom was really drunk and swerving all over the road. She hit a pole and broke a mirror off her car. They came to a stop. When they came to a stop, the kids jumped out of the car and ran into the restaurant.”

Kramer said he called 911 and while he was talking to the dispatcher, Woodworth came to the restaurant and screamed at the children, ordering them to come with her.

“The kids took off running around the restaurant. She started following them around the restaurant” said Kramer. “I finally got them back up front and told them to stay on the sidewalk, police would be here in a second and they didn’t need to be scared. I was helping them out.”

Police officer Ben Tobias said, “they were not in a parking space, so we could only assume that her driving was so bad at that point that she couldn’t even make it into the parking space. We are very glad that the children were not hurt.”

According to police, the children told them that Woodworth drove them around to several places including a Chinese restaurant, a bowling alley, where Woodworth drank two pitchers of beer, and a Ruby Tuesday, where she consumed four drinks. Police found receipts confirming the purchases of alcohol.

When police searched Woodworth’s car, they found about 2 grams of marijuana and a marijuana pipe under the driver’s seat.

Police notified the Department of Children and Families and Woodworth was arrested. Officers said Woodworth’s son is with relatives and his three friends were returned to their parents.

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Ecstasy-Laced Candy

Ecstasy Candy via Eugene Police

In downtown Eugene, police warn of new ecstasy candy, or methylenedioxy-methamphetamine.

Two men, Bradley Lynn Cozby, and James Richard Cossai had the drugged infused candy in their possession. They were charged with possession of around three pounds of ecstasy candy.

Police officer Richard Bremer said the candies were individually wrapped and packaged in groups of four. Officer Bremer said, “it was evident that it was packaged for sale.” Police seized around 140 pieces of drugged candy.

“We’ve (previously) seen candy that’s laced with THC, with synthetic marijuana, and made into lollipops. But when we later tested these items, it was determined it was ecstasy.”

Police warn that “these items can appear to be a normal piece of hard candy that someone would make in their home.” He said there were no evident signs or smell that the laced candy contained drugs.

Since the ecstasy candy is rare, police warn that children or other people could unknowingly come into contact with it. It’s also dangerous to users who choose to ingest the laced candy because there is an unknown concentration of ecstasy in it.

Ecstasy, or MDMA is a synthetic drug that produces hallucionogenic and stimulant effects, and can be found all over the world. It brings users a feeling of extreme euphoria, and reduces inhibitions.

The short-term effects of ecstasy include panic attacks, high blood pressure, blurred vision, muscle cramping, and confusion. It can disrupt the body’s temperature signals to the brain causing dehydration and hypothermia. It can also lead to increased sexual feelings and poor decision making.

Lowered inhibitions can lead to unsafe sex, multiple sexual partners, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy, and the spread of HIV.

There have been reports of people dying from strokes and seizures, as well as kidney failure from taking ecstasy.

The long-term side effects include anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep disorders, and addiction. Long-term usage damages nerves that produce serotonin, and could cause permanent brain damage, especially to adolescents those brains are still developing.

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Apple Employees Abusing Cocaine and Marijuana

professionals addiction treatment
photo via

The high rates of professionals with substance abuse disorders are not limited to the US. Although doctors, lawyers, anesthesiologists and pilots have higher rates of addiction than others, it is also not limited to these professions.

This was evident last week when several employees at Apple’s European headquarters were found to be using drugs like cocaine and marijuana while at work. The headquarters in Cork, Ireland were swept by drug sniffing dogs after upper management got wind of rumors that staff were using drugs on site. The sweep turned up cocaine and marijuana at 14 workstations throughout the headquarters.

In response to this an Apple spokeswoman said, “We have a zero tolerance policy toward drug use and possession” which seems to imply an automatic loss of one’s job. In fact their website says, “Apple is a drug-free workplace… Any employee who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.” This differs from the policies of other companies in industries where drug addiction and abuse is more common. For example, United and other major airlines participate in an FAA program that helps pilots get alcohol and drug treatment and monitoring after they return to work. A similar program has been established for doctors and nurses.

The 14 guilty of drug possession in Cork combined with the incidences of Apple employees leaving out secret products while drinking at bars – like Gray Powell – may point to a larger substance abuse problem within the tech industry writ large. Perhaps they, like the medical field and FAA, should consider an alternative to a zero tolerance policy and work with employees in entering addiction treatment and monitoring programs – as the success rate for addiction treatment for impaired professionals in other industries has been high.

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