purple flake

Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana


In Gainesville Florida, two synthetic marijuana products called “Purple Flake” and “Scooby Snax” have sent more than 24 people to the hospital. The contaminated synthetic drugs, also known as “spice” are hard to track since they’re difficult to regulate.

According to the Alachua County Health Department’s Director Paul Myers, the drugs are “highly toxic” and tainted. Many people who were sent to the hospital suffered from seizures, and multiple health issues. Some were released, but many had to stay for further medical

Gainesville’s smoke shop called Land B4 Time was raided by Drug Task Force officers because a person being treated at the ER said they purchased “spice” there. During the raid, police found a few pounds of the synthetic drug. Although no arrests have been made, charges are pending.

Synthetic as well as hard drugs can cause immense damage to our bodies. If you are suffering from addiction, checking into our Florida based drug and alcohol treatment center is a great choice. We offer specialized treatment plans for every individual who checks in. Our goal is to give you the tools to live a healthy, happy, sober life.

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