Everybody Hurts….Sometime.

It is not always easy–Recovery. In fact it is never easy. You have to want it bad. you have to be motivated, committed, and prepared to hurt. It is not for the weak of heart or those who are less than serious about the task which lies ahead.

Too often addicts do not have that level of commitment when entering rehab. Too often addicts will try to take shortcuts. Even worse is when an addict enters rehab without a true intention of putting in the work that is needed to get better. If you are not willing to hurt then you are not willing to become clean and stay clean.

I think where addicts fall short the majority of time is not during the actual rehab program, but instead it is upon re-entry to the “real” world. As hard as the beginning of a rehab program can be, it is nothing compared to the work that one has to do when you are back to all your stressors and triggers. So many people who have done beautifully during treatment watch all that work go up in flames when they relapse due to the pressures of everyday life.

There is nothing easy about rehab and sobriety. It hurts. There isno way around it. Don’t try to minimize it. Own it. Work it. Win it.

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