Synergy Group: Alcohol Treatment in South Florida

Are you ready to regain control of your life and remain alcohol free? We  achieve excellent outcomes in treating individuals who are struggling with alcoholism. The strength of our method is our range of modalities that we utilize depending on the person. Upon assessment, our multi-disciplinary team carefully examines the:

alcohol treatment

Personalized Care

  • client’s history of substance abuse
  • client’s family history
  • clients’ medical history

We use this information to create and individualized treatment plans that blend traditional counseling with alternative medicine.

We treat a maximum of 5 clients at a time and our high staff to client ratio allows us to closely monitor each individual’s progress. As we continually assess how the client is responding to each component of their treatment program, we adjust the client’s regimen accordingly. This creates the optimal process to give our clients the best chance at long term sobriety.

Synergistic Outcomes with Unparalleled Success

Our alcohol addiction counseling occurs in private and group sessions designed to help each client learn how to structure his or her life and to evaluate past choices, behaviors and consequences resulting from alcohol use.  The therapeutic processes are mixed in with other activities that are carefully chosen so that the individual will be able to embrace interacting with others in social settings without alcohol.

Every individual will be given the opportunity to participate in daily physical activities which also builds momentum in their recovery by increasing their strength. The end result is an increase in self-esteem, a support network of fellow recovering individuals, and a solid foundation for long term recovery.

Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Goals

At Synergy Group Services, we’ll help you get and stay on the sober path by working with you to meet the following recovery goals:

  • To regain balance of your body, mind, and spirit
  • To understand the medical phenomenon of alcoholism
  • To establish a routine that will help minimize opportunities for cravings to grow
  • To learn about life skills that help manage life’s stressors
  • To identify relapse triggers and develop coping processes to activate accordingly
  • To plan for the transition from our rehab back into your community

Florida Alcohol Rehab Admissions

The first step toward sobriety can seem daunting but the fact is that once you call us everything gets easier. Call us at 1-888-267-8070 and let one of our intake coordinators provide a free, confidential assessment and answer any of your questions.

Alcohol Use Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Try our alcohol addiction treatment questionnaire by answering the questions as truthfully as you can. If you answer any YES to several of these questions, you should talk with a behavioral health professional candidly about your drug use.

Again, we encourage you to call one of our counselors at Synergy Group Services to get more information about our Florida alcoholism rehab or any of our other addiction treatment programs.

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