Family Care Program

Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. Dealing with addiction as a family member or friend is often stressful, frustrating and emotionally painful. To address this need Synergy’s Florida addiction rehab provides an intensive family care program. Research shows that the prognosis is greatly enhanced when the individual and the family work together. Our family program is successful due to our professional training and our personal life experiences in all areas of how the family is affected by the disease of addiction.

Phase One

Our Family Program is designed in three phases. Upon admission the family member’s primary therapist will schedule a face to face meeting or phone conferences to share information, provide education, and address specific concerns/issues related to the client, family and concerned parties. These meetings can be with or without the client. These meetings are then scheduled weekly. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that the family participate in all phases of our family care treatment program as recommended by Synergy’s team.

Phase Two

This phase is for family members to assist them in understanding the disease of addiction, relapse triggers, co-existing disorders, and the medications used. This will allow the family to share in the recovery process in a productive and healthy manner. With the correct information and support families can work together to resolve past issues. Family members are allowed to present and work on feelings of anger, resentment, and fear that may impede the recovery process if not resolved.

  • Facilitated by a Synergy Staff Member
  • For Family Members Only
  • Open to all Family Members of a Client in our Treatment

Phase Three

The purpose of this phase is to provide a therapeutic and safe environment for family members to directly address issues in a group setting with the “addict/alcoholic” family member in Synergy’s Florida addiction rehab to resolve past issues, feelings and to design strategies and action plans with each other and begin to share in the process of recovery. Families are able to identify old problems and practice new skills. All participants will gain education, experience, strength, and hope in dealing with the disease of addiction.

  • Facilitated by a Synergy Therapist
  • Open to Families and their Addict/Alcoholic Member in Treatment
  • Solution-Focus Directed to Resolve Past Issues
  • Recommendations are Provided to Family Members Regarding After-Care for Themselves
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