Clients With Legal Issues

Legal issues which often arise due to alcohol or drug use can include a variety of criminal and civil matters. Some legal problems come from an individual’s direct use of alcohol or drugs (such as D.U.I. or possession) while others come from the impaired judgment caused by alcohol or drug use. Common legal problems often facing the addict include Domestic Violence, Battery, Assault, Violation of Probation, Theft, Fraud, Tax Liability, Divorce and Child Custody, and loss of Professional Licensing. Often when charges have or will be filed against an individual who has a substance abuse problem or dual diagnosis, there are often a variety of options which may be available to such an individual as an alternative to incarceration. In many cases the court may elect to send someone to treatment as an alternative sentence. Synergy has extensive experience in dealing with both criminal and civil cases. Our team is highly experienced in working within the judicial system to provide evaluations, assessments and reports where substance abuse and/or mental illness are relevant to the case. We will work with the individual’s personal attorney every step along the way in preparation of the case.

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