Suboxone Treatment in Florida

While Synergy recognizes that it is ideal for individuals participating in heroin and OxyContin addiction treatment to do so by participating in a well- balanced program using a holistic approach to treatment such as ours; we also recognize that some individuals will require assistance from medications such as Suboxone® while participating in our heroin, roxicet and OxyContin treatment in Florida. Suboxone® treatment has been shown to complement treatment for drug addiction and can be used safely for several months to ease the physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Suboxone ® is often prescribed to treat dependency to opiates including Roxicet, OxyContin ®, Vicodin ®, Lortab ® or Fentanyl.

Our medical staff at Synergy is specifically trained and licensed in Suboxone treatment thereby allowing Synergy to be able to provide our clients with the care and assistance they need to initially maintain and eventually taper their Suboxone® use.

Unfortunately, even within the confines of well-designed opiate addiction treatment (roxicet, hydrocodone, oxycodone, Xanax®, etc.) an individual may have difficulty discontinuing their Suboxone® treatment. Synergy is fully prepared to and capable of work closely with this individual to develop a holistic treatment program which will free them from their Suboxone® use during their heroin, roxicet or OxyContin treatment in Florida and fully enter recovery substance free.

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