Substance Abuse Interventions

What is an intervention? An intervention is breaking the cycle of chemical dependency.

Since most addicts/alcoholics need help to break this cycle, Synergy offers one of the most powerful tools to help guide family members from beginning to end of this process. This process will also help alleviate the stress family members go through during this difficult time. Synergy also offers counseling and educational groups for family members to help overcome the impact the addict/alcoholic has had on your life. An intervention is often necessary to help guide the individual struggling with addiction into the addiction rehab he/she so desperately needs, so they can begin the process of living a drug free lifestyle. Synergy has been through this process as a family which gives us a unique prospective to help guide family members through this difficult process.

We have been there as a family, now let us help yours.


Substance Abuse Intervention, South Florida Interventions

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