Florida’s Heroin Epidemic


South Florida has reported an epidemic of heroin abuse recently. People are turning to heroin because the state passed various laws in response to prescription pill mills and deaths. Although prescription pill deaths and abuse has reportedly gone down, heroin use has risen due to lack of illegal prescription pills.

South Florida’s number of heroin deaths and hospitalizations have risen at an alarming rate. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, (NIDA), deaths from heroin rose 89% since 2011.

James N. Hall, an epidemiologist at Nova Southeastern University who wrote the NIDA report with 20 other researchers said, “we’re talking here about the mother of addictions. The crossover from the prescription products to illicit heroin complicates that and will fuel the continued epidemic.”

A lot of the heroin is coming from Mexico. Drug cartels who used to make a less pure brown powder or black tar heroin, are now producing a stronger white powder form.

Many young people between the ages of 18 to 29 are dying from heroin overdose. They’re using heroin to replace prescription pain pills, which is not uncommon.

I knew a young lady whose story was similar. She hurt her back in a car accident, and her doctor prescribed pain medication in high doses. She realized she was addicted to the prescription pills when she would run out of them in the middle of the month, but still needed them.

She was in an enormous amount of pain, so she turned to heroin because it was fast and cheap. She told me she never thought she would ever inject herself with drugs in a million years, but the cravings were so bad, she had to do something. Thank goodness she entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that helped her with heroin addiction.

Drugs can take us down roads we never dreamed we would ever go. It can make us lie, cheat, steal, and become people we don’t even recognize in the mirror. Luckily, help is out there. Our Florida based treatment center has a specialized program for heroin, and many other types of substance abuse. If you are ready to end the pain of addiction, we are here for you.

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