Get Clean, Get Arrested, or Get Dead

It sounds harsh. It sounds a bit cold. It sounds a bit matter of fact. But it is rally very simple. And it could not be more true. No matter what your addiction, drugs or alcohol, you really only have three choices. Families usually don’t see it that way and in many respects it is the most clear and concise way to frame it. Families are often frustrated and tired with the whole process. The drug use and the battle toward recovery is one that can at times be more difficult for the family than it is for the addict. In the midst of that they often want to believe that perhaps there is another path that the addict can take. Emotionally and financially spent families may be forced to abandon the addict. It is understandable at times, but before you make that choice just remember that these are the only 3 paths that an addict can take. If you are prepared to accept that then you will be better prepared to make a decision.

As hard as it is for the family to come to grip with the three paths, it is even harder for the addict. Moat of them feel as though they can live a “normal” life with their drug or alcohol use for a very long time. Eventually however many of them get it. They know that they must get clean. and they know what will happen if they don’t. The smart ones get it sooner and they also know that they can not do it alone. they hope that their family has not given up on them at this point.

When your ready, as either a family or an addict, to get serious about getting clean, it is at this time that you must find a treatment program who understand both the addict and the family. They must also understand the urgency to get clean and sober and to address all the issues which have lead to addiction including dual diagnosis and family dynamics. Synergy Group Services is that program.

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