Grow Closer With Your Family

family supportHaving the love and support of your family can be a true blessing on the road to long-term sobriety. After all, abusing drugs or alcohol can isolate you from the people you love and who truly care about you, too. Part of recovery, then, is learning to rebuild those relationships so you can have a positive support system in place. The stronger your family ties, the less risk of relapse while building a new, sober life.

Here are a few strategies that can help you grow closer together.

Share a meal. Taking a few moments out of your busy schedule to enjoy a meal with your family is a great way to spend quality time together. And, in fact, it’s the perfect setting to share stories and catch up. Schedule a standing dinner date each week and ask everyone to bring a dish so it’s not too overwhelming or too expensive.

Connect without being connected. You can’t really give your spouse or children undivided attention if you’re constantly checking your smart phone. By turning it on silent or putting it out of sight, you’ll show them that you are making them a priority.

Pick up the phoneSocial media and text messaging has its perks but to develop a more meaningful relationship it’s often best to pick up the phone and give family members a call. There’s nothing quite like the sound of each other’s voice or laughter to feel connected.

Family Care at Synergy
When patients work with their families toward recovery, prognosis is greatly enhanced, according to research. At synergy we provide an intensive family care program to help you and your loved ones deal with addiction together. To learn more, call 888-267-8070.

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