Heroin Being Sold out of Daycare

Heroin DaycareThree men from Pennsylvania were charged with dealing heroin out of a daycare after the children went home.

Christian Kehlr, Frederick Russo, and Ryan Varano were charged with felony criminal conspiracy and possession with the intent to deliver. They were also charged with misdemeanor possession of an illegal substance.

The daycare called, Jesus Lil’ Helpers located in Shamokin, is leased to Varano’s mother. He informed police that he and Kehler used the location to distribute and sell heroin. Police said the men used the kid’s chairs and tables to package heroin and load syringes.

District Attorney Ann Targonski said, “it’s upsetting to realize that heroin is being dealt in the same places where we send our children to be safe while we work.”

Targonski continued, “this particular instance occurred during hours when the daycare was not in operation. However, the idea that people are doing drugs and selling drugs in what we would consider a safe haven for children is concerning.”

On a Saturday night, someone called police about a man overdosing in the daycare. When authorities arrived, they found Kehler unconscious on the floor. While police were performing CPR, they discovered the drug operation, and arrested the three men.

The effects on the body caused by heroin are extremely destructive. It can lead to coma, respiratory illnesses, loss of memory and intellectual performance, depression, pustules on the face, and death.

Physical dependence to the drug can happen the first time using heroin. Repeatedly using heroin causes changes to the physiology and physical structure of the brain, which causes long-term imbalances in hormonal and neuronal structures.

Long-term heroin use can result in collapsed or scarred veins, liver and kidney disease, soft-tissue infections, and bacterial infections of the blood vessels and heart valves.

Overdosing can happen on any drug, but the potency of heroin and how it directly affects the central nervous system makes it incredibly dangerous. When people overdose, the central nervous system slows breathing, drops blood pressure, causes muscle spasms, and can cause loss of consciousness or coma.

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