His Story

My name is Kevin. . I am twenty one now and times are tough but I have a very optimistic view for the future as a sober being. When I was younger, I was active in many sports and every sport I played. I was one of the best! I learned how to ride a bike very young and was pretty dependent as a 4-6 year old. I remember leaving the house without telling anyone and I would go to a friend’s house. In elementary school, I had good remarks and I played basketball, soccer, baseball and football with my friends.
After sixth grade I switched schools because we moved. I had to leave all of my friends behind, which made me very sad. It took some time but I adjusted to the change.
At 14yrs I attended a big high school called Lakewood High. There, I played Varsity Golf my freshman year and was number four on the team. We set all kinds of records. My grades also were good in the ninth grade. My sophomore year was a bit different. (I never skipped class), but for some reason I started skipping and my grades started falling. During that period I was tested for ADHD and found out that I had it. Being diagnosed with that my parents decided to switch me to a smaller private catholic school called Cardinal Mooney. I loved it there, it was the best decision that could have been done. There, I became very religious, played Varsity Golf and Basketball. It was the best time of my life. I rarely partied and did no drugs. During my free time I played basketball all night and golfed all afternoon. I was very active and independent. I started to chew and use tobacco when I was 16 years old, but when I took up baseball I quit smoking to chew.
I feel that my addiction started when they prescribed me adderall for my ADHD. The first time that I ever smoked pot was with my two sisters and my aunt. After that I never really tried smoking for a while. But after I graduated high school I began to smoke a little. It wasn’t until my 19th birthday that I began smoking more. And at about that time everything started going downhill.
On August 30th 2007 I had about a dozen people at my place for my birthday and when the night ended there was a girl that was going 80mph with no seatbelt, crashed into a tree and died. I got charged with open house party and that really hurt me. That school year was over, I moved back home and started to work, play golf more and go to school. On October 2008, I began using Roxy’s. By February I told my parents I had a drug problem. I did a four day detox and stayed clean for a bit, but for the next four months I was on and off roxy’s. by June 1st I was using everyday and my addiction began to control me and everything around me. I began stealing more and although I was lying to everyone. I began lying even more.
Even with my addiction, I was able to have a 4.0 gpa and I would practice golf everyday. So I guess I just felt that it was ok.
By august, I began shooting Roxy’s again and using more. I turned 21 on August 30th, the morning after I was in jail. With possession charges.
My life was Fxxked up and now I am dealing with everything head on and I know if I can beat this, then I can achieve anything.

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