How to Choose a Drug Treatment Center

If you are a loved one of somebody suffering from the disease of addiction, and you are at the point of searching for a drug treatment center in Florida, or in any other state for that matter, as a family member you should make sure that the program meets certain standards of care.

  • One of the most important things right off is to make sure the facility is licensed in that state to provide the services they are telling you they are going to provide. As a consumer that should not be over looked. 
  • Dealing with choosing a drug treatment center can bring a lot of anxiety and makes it difficult to choose the best drug rehab for your loved one.  Keep searching and get all the questions answered.  
  • Make sure the drug treatment center takes into account that each individual should be treated as such and their treatment plan should be designed and implemented to best suit your loved one individually as no two individuals are the same. 
  • Furthermore there is a lot more information as a consumer you should be looking for in searching for a drug treatment center. 
  • As treatment professionals we are bound by ethics to provide the best care possible when we are dealing with peoples’ lives. Is there a perfect drug treatment?  Is addiction treatment a perfect science?  Absolutely not, but there are different models of treatment, and one of the best models I believe is the holistic model for drug treatment

The holistic model addresses the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the disease of addiction. Research shows that if we as treatment professionals don’t address all the components of the disease in treatment the chance of success decreases drastically. 

In choosing a drug treatment center be very aware of the potential need to treat a dual diagnosis as part of treatment.  The success rate of treating addictions could have less than impressive outcomes due to the fact all aspects of the disease are not diagnosed and treated properly.  To this point why not consider state of the art addiction treatment dealing with addiction and co-occurring behavior. 

In my experience I have seen individuals go through several drug treatment centers with the same model and have been unsuccessful in achieving long term sobriety. So why not try something different?


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