I Choose Happiness!

WE really do have a choice that we can make. I choose happiness. Unfortunately many do not. We are bombarded by pessimism everyday. Negative thinkers who often say that they have no control over the “basd luck” that dominates their lives. However i believe that bad luck is often the by-product of poor decision making and negative thinking that creates negative action and outcomes in our daily lives.

Positive thinkers are happier people and happier people live longer and healthier lives.

So I choose happiness. It is a conscious decision that all of us can make. No matter what the circumstances are there is still a choice. We live currently in the most challenging socio-economic era since the Great Depression. Financial uncertainty is the rule, not the exception for most Americans. And yet we still have a choice. You can still by the TV watching news shows and following the daily turmoil of the stock market or you can choose to worry only about the things that we can control and take everyday for what it has to offer us. To laugh with your children; to enjoy the wonders of nature as a new spring comes to full bloom; to hold your wife; to cherish your friends; to read a book; to do anything at all that brings us peace and serenity and happiness.

It all sounds so simplistic and I am not suggesting that it will pay the bills. But neither will worry. As I write this blog my 4 year old is running in the back yard with her friends. Her world is small and concentric. her needs are few. Perhaps we need to shrink our world. To think and laugh and play like a child.

It is possible. We can choose happiness. Think about those around you who do make that choice and those around you who don’t. Who would you rather be with?

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