“I’m an Alcoholic!”

“I am here to tell you my story of how I got here today.

It all started when I first experience my first drunken state at the young age of fifteen. That was all it took to lead me to rehab, merely three months proceeding my twenty first birthday, I could never say “NO” or get too drunk. I honestly thought I had everything under control, as I started my freshmen year in college at a proclaimed “Party School”, Georgia Southern University. Enumerable kegs, coolers of hunch punch, and bottles of liquor later, and I was put on academic probation, suspending me for a semester after only completing twelve hours out of thirty. I could get around this speed bump by simply transferring to another school, Valdosta State University. That solved nothing. The blackouts came every night, the promiscuity only got worse, my embarrassing GPA dropped even lower, it got to the point where I’d work only to have drinking money, yet I couldn’t pay my bills. I’d try to control my drinking by having only maybe three drinks, but I’d have five before we left the house. I wouldn’t eat anything all day just so the level of drunkenness would be that much more intense. You’d think I’d learned my lesson after a night in jail for a DUI, minor in possession, giving a fake name and birthday, suspended license, disorderly conduct and failure to stop at a stop sign, would teach me a lesson.

Nope, the very next night in a blackout drunk I got pulled over again but somehow got let off it. I suffered the same fate in this school, and only got one class credit out of eight. My parents had enough, no more spending their money to pay for me to party.

I packed my stuff and moved with my mom in Atlanta, Georgia. I was livid, no more partying! Little did I know my drinking could get worse. Shortly as in two day after moving in, my mom passed away. I went downhill fast, drinking to oblivion all the time. After such a traumatizing event my dad felt sorry and decided to pay for college once again, because I have high hopes of becoming a Dr., however I had to live ten hours away in Florida and ten hours away from my drinking friends.

In the midst of all this, my DUI case was settled with an amazing lawyer who got my DUI wiped from my record. I was on probation for a year, was ordered not to drink and got a breathalyzer apparatus in my car for six months. The drinking ensued and I simply didn’t drive my car when I visited my friends to party all day and night. I was dumb and tried to drive my car at eleven after drinking all night on New Years Eve. This registered in my breathalyzer and still on probation, my probation officer took me to court and I was ordered to go get an analysis to see if I had a drinking problem, of course I didn’t I thought that was stupid. I was shocked to hear that I desperately needed rehab. I thought everyone drank from noon to three A.M., blackout and repeated. I was forced to go to this facility disguised as rehab.

After coming to Synergy Group Services, Inc I finally accepted I had a drinking problem, after seeing other people and relating my live to them. I was an alcoholic!

The staff at Synergy Group Services, Inc. helped me realize that the source of my drinking was the pain I bottled up inside. I am now in touch with my feelings and I don’t have that nagging urge to drink. There is just simply no more inside to suppress. The people here have completely turned my life around and opened my eyes to other perspectives. I feel cared for because they genuinely want to help you. When you have that level of support, it makes you want to help yourself. They don’t make you feel embarrassed about being here, but proud that you are strong enough to help yourself because many can’t. I am not going to lie, I went in kicking and screaming but left thankful that I was given the opportunity to appreciate not only my life, but sobriety”

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