In His Own Words; George

“My name is George. I live in New Jersey. In Jersey I dreaded everyday waking up without my drug. I could not live that life any longer. I was miserable. I found myself selling off my most prized possessions and spending every dollar I made from work. I could not take it any longer. So I went to my Mother and asked her for help.

Asking my Mother was the best thing I could have ever done. she was supportive and offered to put me in a detox center if I was willing. The day she dropped me off at the detox was the happiest day of my life. When I got there I had the most positive attitude and took control of myself and looked at how my life was before detox and I would never like to go back to that. While I was in detox I spoke to my social worker and my Mother about moving to Florida to join Synergy Group Services. I felt as though that would be best for me to stay on my path to sobriety. I felt as though Synergy is going to be a great learning experience for me; to interact with other addicts living on the out side world and not in an inpatient place where there are no temptations. Synergy yesterday helped me realize who my closest friends and family are. They also showed me who aren’t as close to me anymore That I would bring back to my circle of family and friends. Will Synergy help me stay on my path to sobriety?”

UPDATE: George spent 5 weeks at Synergy Group Services. After a rocky start during the first 10 days George showed remarkable improvements in his mental and physical health. His personal growth was nurtured by extensive individual and group therapies which allowed him to gain the insight he needed to feel confident about his recovery. All of this was aided by the recognition and treatment of his dual diagnosis that was fostering his drug use. George demonstrates several important principles about creating affective change in one’s life: asking for help, choosing the right program, a commitment to change, intensive individual therapy, improving your mind and body simultaneously, addressing your dual diagnosis, and taking your time. George incorporated all these aspects into his treatment plan and stayed a little longer just to make sure he got it. He did and we wish him well.

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