In With the New…

Now that you have had the opportunity to review the past year and evaluate what needs to be thrown out and what should be kept, it is time to look ahead with optimism for the year to come.

think about positive changes to focus on. Eliminate negative people or situations from you life. A change in the direction of your life starts with a change in your thinking. If you have been unhappy with things in your life then change starts at the top. Literally the top of your brain. You must make a decision that part of what has created an addiction or any other negative influence in your life is your own decision making. It was a conscious decision to maintain a bad relationship, or allow a negative person to influence your decision making, or a boss to treat you badly.

This is your opportunity to change all that. The person whom you have been waiting to change is never going to change. You must change instead. Change your thinking. Change the direction of your life. Positive things only.

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