Insurance Reform; The Time is Now

What is the real purpose of health insurance? Who is the one who should benefit the most? Isn’t the purpose of health insurance to ensure that a patient is cared for in the most complete and thorough way? But insurance companies clearly get in the way of everyone’s health. The problem lies in the fact that insurance companies are in it for the money. Doctors have always been accused of allowing money to cloud their decision making when it comes to patient care. I will be the first to admit that that has been and occasionally continues to be true. However, the one thing you can say about that situation is that the patient always benefits. The doctor makes money by providing services that improves their health care. That is not the case with insurance companies. Insurance companies make money by not spending that money on patient care. If they spend money on patients that simple make less. That situation never benefits the patient. It is impossible to provide good healthcare and save money at the same time.

health insurance companies not only block our access to healthcare, they also block our access to insurance and inhibit our utilization of our benefits. It has happened over and over when a patient is seeking health or life insurance and a company simply says no for no good reason. They tell us that there is too much risk. That we are too unhealthy. Insurance companies are notorious for taking a condition that is not pathologic and telling you that this condition prevents you from getting coverage. They want to ensure that the population that they are insuring are not the neediest but the healthiest. The same is true of life insurance.

Heaven forbid that you should accurately try to use your insurance. You will be branded with all sorts of labels that you will never walk away from. Try to use your addiction benefits and tell some insurance company 10 years for now that you are in recovery and in perfect health. They will make you pay, literally and figuratively.

We need health reform in the US. The first step is to take the power away from insurance companies. Make them not for profit. the only person who should profit is the patient.

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