It’s Easy to Stay Clean in Rehab

Ever wonder why that is. An addict can go on a binge for days or weeks, or an alcohol can drink for years , but then they enter rehab and they become a model citizen–until they are discharged.

It is really quite simple. Being in rehab is often like being in the land of OZ. Nothing about it is real. An addict or alcoholic is taken away from all their stressors and triggers and can focus on just one thing; themselves. Real life was checked at the door. For the first time in quite some time, and for once justifiably so, all about them. Nothing else matters except getting clean and staying clean.

Unfortunately this idea world doesn’t get to last long. For many reasons outside of the control of the addict it will only last for 28 days. It is nowhere nearly enough time. Studies show that in order to change any behavior, no matter how trivial it is, takes at least 90 days.

That is a formula for disaster. It is perhaps one of the most common reasons for relapse. place an addict in an environment which gives hem a taste of success and then pull the rug out from under them and ask them to go back to all their stressors and triggers and stay clean. It is almost impossible. It also doesn’t help that addicts get a false sense of security after a brief period of sobriety and thing that they are completely recovered. It can’t happen that quickly and it drives home the importance of aftercare, IOP programs, and the notion that you must slow down the recovery process.

Staying clean in rehab is easy but don’t let it fool you.

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