It’s just my Opinion

Everyone has an opinion. The problem is quite simply this; most are not qualified to share that opinion. Medicine, unlike virtually any other field, draws opinion like ants to a picnic. Many doctors don’t even have the opportunity to stay as current as they should when it comes to the overwhelming body of medical information available. A mountainous swell of information is released on almost a daily basis. Yet, as difficult as it is to stay current at least doctors have 8 years or more of medical training to fall back on. So today when one patient told me that they disagreed with my diagnosis and another told me that they know more about what they needed than I did, well you will just have to forgive me if I disagree with them.

Nothing gets in the way of treatment more than the uneducated and unfounded opinions of patients. Why is it that a patient with absolutely no training or experience feels that they have all the answers while at the same time their board certified physician just simply does not know what they are talking about? I have no answer to that question.

Now I will admit that doctors are often inappropriately paternalistic. And there are clearly times in which the doctor/patient relationship should be a partnership. but more and more patients are trying to take control of their healthcare and they are suffering dearly for that decision.

do yourself a favor and defer to an expert if indeed you have faith in your doctor to be that expert. If you have no confidence in your doctor then get a new doctor. Just don’t be that doctor.

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