Moving Forward


Moving forward is sometimes tough. It’s easy to fall back into old habits because they’re familiar and comfortable, even if it’s not the healthiest habits to continue. I used to run to alcohol when times got rough.

It was easier to drink and escape than to face reality. Drinking and keeping secrets started wearing me down, and I was taking my marriage along with me.

My spouse knew I was being secretive about my drinking, and it started to create resentments and anger.

I decided to check into a rehabilitation center to get sober because I wasn’t ready to give up on myself, my marriage, and my family.

Although I’m sober now, I can still fall back into old habits very quickly. One habit in particular is dwelling on the past and harboring resentments.

Sometimes when I have too much time on my hands, I begin to think about all the things one particular family member, I’ll call him Steve, has done to me. I feel myself become red, and start bubbling over with anger.

Before I got sober, I used to let these feelings dictate my life. I would remember something rude Steve said to me recently, a year ago, or maybe even more, and use this memory as fuel to start a war against him.

I used to drag my spouse into a fight, be rude to anyone related to Steve, and start ranting and raving to anyone who would listen about how I can’t stand Steve and his behavior.

I put my spouse in an impossible position, because he had to be the referee. It took a toll on my health as well as my personal relationships.

Although I no longer run to the bottle, I can still run back to my old ways of thinking, which is a dangerous path. If I continue with my old ways of thinking, I can easily slip into convincing myself that I deserve a drink.

Checking into a certified drug and alcohol rehabilitation center like Synergy Group Services Inc., is what saved me. Our Florida based treatment center teaches tools for recovery that will always stay with you though a lifetime. When you check into our facility, you learn ways of coping with negative people, feelings, and behaviors. Once you learn coping strategies, people like Steve won’t send you running for the bottle anymore.

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