My Life Story–CD

As I look back there are so many issues, situations and people that led to my addiction. My anxiety and depression played major roles. My mind would be cycling and I could not get it to stop so I would get high. I felt depressed and felt like there was nothing to do to change it so I would get high. My depression played a big part because I have suffered from it for so long and did not know how to handle it anymore. The drugs were my escape. It was hard for me to stop because I have an issue saying “NO” when it was offered to me and even just the sight of it gave me the urge to use. I just felt hopeless all the time and when I used I could forget about all of it. I would also use because my life had a lack of meaning. I did not have a job, I was not going to school, I had nothing to live for. Nothing seemed important. My preoccupation was with drugs. I though drugs were needed in order to have fun. My difficulty solving problems without getting overwhelmed also led me to use. There were people in my life at the time that contributed to my using. The people that I was socializing with were those who were using drugs. My boyfriend and I started hanging out with a new group of people that consisted mainly of others who misused drugs and we just fell into the trap. My old friends all left for college, so I was left with my new negative influences. I am totally aware that it was no ones fault but mine. All I can do is try to work to overcome my drug addiction.


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