Negative Thinking; What’s the Cure?

What makes the glass half empty? Why is it that one person has the “worst day ever” while someone else has “just another day” when in fact they had mirror image days? What makes one person a positive person and another a negative person?

The answer is, there is no simple answer. It is DNA, it is personality, it is attitude, it is a choice. It is a multitude of things bundled up to create who we are. The real question is whether or not it can be taught and whether someone who is a negative thinker can ever change the course of that thinking and become a positive thinker. I believe that the answer is yes. But it takes work.

The fact that it takes work in of by itself implies that there must be a conscious decision to stop being negative and start being positive. That alone may be an impossible task because it takes a positive frame of mind to invite change. Negative thinkers may be doom from the onset because they may be too negative to think that change is possible. They may say, “What’s the use” or “Why should I bother”.

Addicts are very prone to negative thinking but they are clearly not alone. One thing is clear; more successful people and happy people are positive thinkers rather than negative thinkers. Life is short. Too short to be negative. Too short to be unhappy.

If you are negative it is time for a change. No one wants to be infected by the negative thinking of someone so feed of the positive energy of a “half full” person and change your course once and for all. It is amazing how your life will change. Remember that there really is no such thing as good luck and bad luck; just positive thinking with preparation and negative thinking.

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