No High Feels as Good as Sobriety

Today while seeing a patient for follow up of her drug addiction treatment she echoed the words of virtually every addict who has entered a program and put some clean time behind them. She simply said that she had forgotten how good she could feel while she was sober.

There is a saying amongst people who are dieting that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. For addicts it is about how good sobriety feels that should help them stay on the straight and narrow. “Chasing the dragon” is a real concept and no addict will ever achieve the perfection of the first high. Not just those doing heroin, but those doing cocaine and crack and oxy also. For addicts and alcoholics it is not just the “high” time that cannot measure up to sobriety, but perhaps even more importantly, it is the dry time which is the hardest. That is when you feel your worse and yet is the period in which you spend the most time.

Nothing feels as good as sobriety. It is giving sobriety a chance that is the challenge and being strong enough to not get on the train that takes you away for the real world. But rather to face the real world sober. The interesting thing is that when you do face it sober you actually find out that it really isn’t that bad and that you will feel better than you have in years.

There are many other facets to the above statement and stated as it is above is clearly too simplistic. Sometimes simplicity is good and keeping things simple is always an advantage to complicated. so in keeping with that remember that I promise you that all things considered and accounted for–you will never feel as good as you do sober.

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