Overcoming Recovery Inertia; Feelings Lie

Ever wonder why New Year’s resolutions never work. Studies show that 80 percent of people who have made a New Year’s resolution have failed in their efforts by Valentine’s Day. A common reason for that is the fact that change just can’t happen because we will it to. If that was the case it probably would have happened already. Effective change must incorporate two important elements: time and help. Studies show that it takes 90 days to effect change of a behavior so there must be a willingness to go the distance. And that change is more likely to be permanent if we don’t go it alone. Think about how many times you have thought about making a change and failed in that process. Well success is more likely to be achieve if you fist change how you are going about making that change. One way you go do that is with the help of a therapist or a life coach. Seeking help to make your change is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of insight and dedication to success. We all need help at times and showing a willingness to accept help is very important to the process of change. Even professional athletes need coaches and willingly accept their advise.

Before any of the above takes place one must admit that there is a need for change and show a willingness to start the process. Getting the emotional energy to do so requires overcoming emotional inertial Emotional inertia is the force that resists change. It comes from all sorts of sources. One of the primary sources of emotional inertia is our feelings.

The thought of change brings with it anxiety and fear as well as a lack of confidence that we can be successful. These feelings are lying to us. they tell us that we can’t do it. That you have failed in the past and you will do so again. that thought of failure makes the inertia stringer and the likelihood of success even less. But the reality is that those feelings that sit on one side of your shoulder whispering in your ear need to be ignored while we pay attention to the logic on the other side of our shoulder that says that change can work. don’t give in to your feelings. Overcome them. Overcome them with the help of your coach, your doctor, and at times even your medication.

Your feelings are lying to you. You can change.

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