Power: Who needs it?

Which is better? Powerless to your addiction or full of power to move forward and through it to a world of recovery? Out of control and letting your addiction take your wherever it wants to or in control of your life and choosing a path that takes you toward a world of independence? Independence from your addiction. Independent enough to say that ” I want my life back”. To say “I have left that person controlled by drugs behind and now I will enter the world the way people free from addiction know it”.

Traditional 12 step programs ask us from the very beginning to admit that we have no power. That we are out of control. that the disease is a stringer entity than we are. Is that true. Is a person who decides to take his or her life back from an addiction really weak. Or do they possess the strongest of all powers.

At some point in the recovery process a conscious decision must be made that an addict will take his life back. That you will leave your addiction behind and never revisit those demons again. a decision must be made that life will be lived in the mainstream. A job will be held. A rent will be paid. A bank account will be opened and a family will be spared. Spared the emotional and financial turmoil which has been brought into their lives without invitation by the decisions of an addict.

When your ready to get clean it will be time to take your life back. Take control. Embrace the power of recovery and walk through the door that allows you to enter the real world.

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