Rule number one…Everyone lies.

One of the biggest mistakes that we all make is forgetting rule number one. Rule number two…no one tells the truth all the time. Period. There are no exceptions. NO matter how honest someone is. No matter how well you know them. NO one tells the truth all the time. Everyone lies.

Now think about an addict. Someone with guilt, someone with a vested interest in protecting their addiction. Someone who will endure the most significant consequences. Someone who has been willing to alienate their family and friends; lose their job; subject themselves to legal proceedings; imagine their motivation to lie.

As people who consider ourselves reasonable and honest the majority of time we must never truly trust anyone with an addiction. They are the ultimate manipulators. They pull us in and at times make us believe that they are the victims. That their issues are not their fault. That everything will be OK if we just give them the money they want, or a prescription that they need for pain medication (in their mind that pain is real!). Don’t do it. Don’t make that mistake.

Addicts must start at a place where we trust nothing and believe even less. We must make them earn every drop of respect. If we do this we will go a long way in helping their recovery.

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