Sarah’s Story

I have been using drugs since I was 13 years old. I got drunk for the first time at 11 years.
I have been to over 20 rehabs in 16 years, all ended with me relapsing.
I began using drugs and alcohol because of social anxiety. I felt “different” and was petrified to talk to anyone. Drugs and alcohol gave me false courage. It also lowered my inhibitions which led to my low self esteem now and then.
I have two young sons who are a victim of this premature, because of my heroin addiction. I am tired of saying I am a mom, but not being a mom, a daughter, sister, aunt for that matter.
My entire life has revolved around the getting and using of drugs. Many suicide attempts and unhealthy relationships have compounded my addiction now I am a dual diagnosis. I have lost my education, my spirit and my health due to the addiction that I have.
Today, I am hopeful that Synergy will help me fill the void inside my heart. I am excited to learn how to love and accept myself.
My family is also excited about the holistic view of this program. They have never supported me in treatment as much as they are now. That means the world to me!!!!!

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